Board of Elections

Campaign Material

How to Submit Campaign Materials/Political Communications Electronically

Effective July 21, 2016, filers have the option of submitting campaign materials/political communications electronically to the NYSBOE. [1]

To file campaign materials electronically, the following requirements on the document size and type must be met:

  • The file must in pdf, jpeg, or png format;
  • The following documents are not acceptable and will be rejected, they include all video and audio file and any compressed, encrypted or executable files. [2]
  • PDF's should contain text or low res images only;
  • Each individual attachment must be 5 MB or less. The aggregate size of all attachments in one email may not exceed 20MB.
  • Multiple emails may be necessary with regard to adhering to size requirements.

NYSBOE does not need a copy of an actual commercial, video or audio clip. A copy of the script is all that is required.

Please send your campaign materials to: Your email subject line should reference a filer identification number and the subject "campaign material." (EX. A12345 - 2016 Campaign Material). NYSBOE recommends that you print off a copy of your sent email for your records.

All filers continue to have the option to mail campaign materials/political communications to:

NYSBOE Compliance Unit
40 N. Pearl Street, Suite 5
Albany, NY 12207-2729

What must be filed? [3]

Campaign materials include all broadcast, cable or satellite schedules and scripts, internet, print and other types of advertisements, pamphlets, circulars, flyers, brochures, letterheads and other printed matter, purchased or produced and reproductions of statements or information published to 500 or more members of a general public audience by computer or other electronic device including but not limited to electronic mail or text message in connection with a specific election.

Any filer required to file primary, general and/or special election campaign financial disclosure reports must, at the same time the applicable 10 day or 27 day post-election campaign financial disclosure re-port is due, submit copies of all the filer's campaign materials, purchased or produced by or under the authority of the person filing the post-election report, or the committee or the person on whose behalf it is filed.


  1. Chapter 139 of the Laws of 2016.
  2. NYSBOE will not accept: Video Files (Formats such as .mov, .wmv, .avi, .mp4, . wmf) Audio Files (Formats such as mp3, .aac, wav) Compressed files (Formats such as (.zip, .7z, .gz), Encrypted files (Formats such as Pgp, .gpg) or Executable files (Formats such as.exe, .com, .dll, .bat, .vbs .jsp, .html )
  3. Please refer to sections 14-106 and 14-107(5) of the New York State Election Law.